I’m back!

So… The hotel we stayed at had some RIDICULOUS fee per computer for wifi, so we decided that we would just endure a week without internet, which was both refreshing and annoying at times.

I just got back last night at like 10pm. from an eventful drive that took about 30 hours instead of 18 (Spiders dangling from the windshield, and many other bad things) and I ate dinner and collapsed. I got about 9 hours of sleep last night and I’m STILL exhausted, but I have reality and work to get back to… so no time to dilly dally.

So as for the trip, we spent Monday sleeping in, Tuesday at Universal, Wednesday at Disney parks, and Thursday hanging poolside (reading for leisure.. which I haven’t had time to do in forever) and going to Cirque Du Soleil after dinner (I will start posting pictures when my friends have ‘em up :D). The trip was great, and I’ve NEVER had such a great time at Disney before. We went from park to park from Animal kingdom to Watching Fantasmic at Hollywood studios. And to top the night off we sped and sprinted to Magical kingdom for the fireworks, projector show, and light parade. It was truly magical. And I can honestly say that it was the most enjoyable night for me. Even above Cirque Du Soleil and Harry Potter world (don’t crucify me please O.o).

Butterbeer is amazing (this fact deserves a whole line). It completely satiates my sweet tooth. I had 2 and a half of ‘em…. Don’t judge, I was on vacation.

Also. I’m Tan YAY! (A bit burned though to my surprise. The last time I got sunburn was like 6 years ago in China on a 6 hour boat trip with no sunscreen O.o)

There is so much to say that I can’t get it all down, but the gist is that this was just such a lovely trip. I can’t even bring myself to be worried about money yet haha :D


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