It becomes more and more clear to me why “straight passing privilege” rubs me completely the wrong way and why it’s not ‘oppressive’ or privileged of bi people to have a problem with that framework, and how directly erasive and contradictory it is to the reality of…

Please and thank you.

In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.

Toni Morrison (via sarahjeanalex)

even the native ppl of this land have to fucking hyphenate how backwards is that

whiteness is a terrible thing

even my mom and all that generation use “american” when they mean “white ppl in america.” they don’t call other poc “american.” bc that is what they were taught. she’s a fucking citizen and has been forever. i was born here. she does not call me nor herself american

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"…a hyphenated American is not an American at all."

-Theodore Roosevelt

Address to the Knights of Columbus

New York City- October 12th, 1915

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I agree with everything about this…. but are you saying that Theodore Roosevelt isn’t an American? :p

petty jokes on serious issues.

I just finished my last assignment of grad school

And I’m suffering from a horrible irrational fear that I’m going to fail something, rendering me unable to graduate. Some of it has to do with the fact that I’ve been up for an ungodly amount of time.. but some of this anxiety is actually due to not knowing. I haven’t felt this way in a while.. perhaps because I always knew I would have another semester?

On the bright side, if I pass…. I’ll have a master’s degree.The utter anxiety.. ugh… what do I do?

I apologize in advanced, but some things have to be said. As I am graduating from Rutgers this year with my Masters, this matter is at the forefront of my brain. I do not have strong feelings one way or another about our commencement speaker. If I had my choice, I would beg for Toni Morrison to come back and speak to us (or I could wish to have graduated two years ago).

That said, I do have concerns about uninformed, self-important “opinions” people share. I put opinions in quotes because I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their opinion AS LONG AS IT IS INFORMED. No one should have to listen to you if you are spewing your ideology without knowledge of the topic, evidence, support, or research. People already have an inflated sense of self importance and they defend themselves with the idea of free speech without knowing anything about what that means. They espouse American values whilst knowing very little about American policies and how these policies may contrast with those of other countries.

Believe it or not, an opinion can be wrong.


My Facebook post on the many articles and comments on this topic:

The amount of misinformation posted on this topic is rather disconcerting. I’m reading things such as “racist”, “leftist”, “sexist”, “Snooki”, as well as sweeping generalizations about “this generation” being thrown around without the appropriate contextual lens or necessary background information. To me, this issue is no longer about the commencement speaker; it’s about the willful ignorance of certain people who choose to express their opinions on the internet. Honestly, this leads me to question humanity. With all of the information available to a person, you would think that a person would take a couple of seconds to Google something before giving their uninformed “2 cents”.

This is why I love the DotA community. So good! XD

I don’t hate any race of people, and it pains me to wake up to other young people being misled to believe I do. I am for unity and equality.

Iggy Azalea

Me chief, you Indian. I speak, you listen.” - Iggy Azalea

(via sad-queer)

Unity and equality in the form of ignorance and “colorblindness”


Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge Promotional Video

This is pretty awesome

When you are hurting, there will always be people who find a way to make it about themselves. If you break your wrist, they’ll complain about a sprained ankle. If you are sad, they’re sadder. If you’re asking for help, they’ll demand more attention.

Here is a fact: I was in a hospital and sobbing into my palms when a woman approached me and asked why I was making so much noise and I managed to stutter that my best friend shot himself in the head and now he was 100% certified dead and she made this little grunt and had the nerve to tell me, “Well now you made me sad.”

When you get angry, there are going to be people who ask you to shut up and sit down, and they’re not going to do it nicely. Theirs are the faces that turn bright red before you have a chance to finish your sentence. They won’t ask you to explain yourself. They’ll be mad that you’re mad and that will be their whole reason alone.

Here is a fact: I was in an alleyway a few weeks ago, stroking my friend’s back as she vomited fourteen tequila shots. “I hate men,” she wheezed as her sides heaved, “I hate all of them.”

I braided her hair so it wouldn’t get caught in the mess. I didn’t correct her and reply that she does in fact love her father and her little brother too, that there are strangers she has yet to meet that will be better for her than any of her shitty ex-boyfriends, that half of our group of friends identifies as male - I could hear each of her bruises in those words and I didn’t ask her to soften the blow when she was trying to buff them out of her skin. She doesn’t hate all men. She never did.

She had the misfortune to be overheard by a drunk guy in an ill-fitting suit, a boy trying to look like a man and leering down my dress as he stormed towards us. “Fuck you, lady,” he said, “Fuck you. Not all men are evil, you know.”

“Thanks,” I told him dryly, pulling on her hand, trying to get her inside again, “See you.”

He followed us. Wouldn’t stop shouting. How dare she get mad. How dare she was hurting. “It’s hard for me too!” he yowled after us. “With fuckers like you, how’s a guy supposed to live?”

Here’s a fact: my father is Cuban and my genes repeat his. Once one of my teachers looked at my heritage and said, “Your skin doesn’t look dirty enough to be a Mexican.”

When my cheeks grew pink and my tongue dried up, someone else in the classroom stood up. “You can’t say that,” he said, “That’s fucking racist. We could report you for that.”

Our teacher turned vicious. “You wanna fail this class? Go ahead. Report me. I was joking. It’s my word against yours. I hate kids like you. You think you’ve got all the power - you don’t. I do.”

Later that kid and I became close friends and we skipped class to do anything else and the two of us were lying on our backs staring up at the sky and as we talked about that moment, he sighed, “I hate white people.” His girlfriend is white and so is his mom. I reached out until my fingers were resting in the warmth of his palm.

He spoke up each time our teacher said something shitty. He failed the class. I stayed silent. I got the A but I wish that I didn’t.

Here is a fact: I think gender is a difficult and personal topic and people that want to tell others what defines it just haven’t done their homework. I personally happen to have the luck of the draw and identify as female in a female body, which basically just means society leaves me alone about this one particular thing.

Until I met Alex, who said he hated cis people. My throat closed up. I’m not good at confrontation. I avoided him because I didn’t want to bother him.

One day I was going on a walk and I found him behind our school, bleeding out of the side of his mouth. The only thing I really know is how to patch people up. He winced when the antibacterial cream went across his new wounds. “I hate cis people,” he said weakly.

I looked at him and pushed his hair back from his head. “I understand why you do.”

Here is a fact: anger is a secondary emotion. Anger is how people stop themselves from hurting. Anger is how people stop themselves by empathizing.

It is easy for the drunken man to be mad at my friend. If he says “Hey, fuck you, lady,” he doesn’t have to worry about what’s so wrong about men.

It’s easy for my teacher to fail the kids who speak up. If we’re just smart-ass students, it’s not his fault we fuck up.

It’s easy for me to hate Alex for labeling me as dangerous when I’ve never hurt someone a day in my life. But I’m safe in my skin and his life is at risk just by going to the bathroom. I understand why he says things like that. I finally do.

There’s a difference between the spread of hatred and the frustration of people who are hurting. The thing is, when you are broken, there will always be someone who says “I’m worse, stop talking.” There will always be people who are mad you’re trying to steal the attention. There will always be people who get mad at the same time as you do - they hate being challenged. It changes the rules.

I say I hate all Mondays but my sister was born on one and she’s the greatest joy I have ever known. I say I hate brown but it’s really just the word and how it turns your mouth down - the colour is my hair and my eyes and my favorite sweater. I say I hate pineapple but I still try it again every Easter, just to see if it stings less this year. It’s okay to be sad when you hear someone generalize a group you’re in. But instead of assuming they’re evil and filled with hatred, maybe ask them why they think that way - who knows, you might just end up with a new and kind friend.

By telling the oppressed that their anger is unjustified, you allow the oppression to continue. I know it’s hard to stay calm. I know it’s scary. But you’re coming from the safe place and they aren’t. Just please … Try to be more understanding. /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

This makes my life… it’s amazing.

 - Let it Go (Explicitly honest version)

Let it Go (Explicitly honest version)




In honor of finals, a raging blizzard, and needing to release some stress, here’s my short cover of Frozen’s “Let It Go”, with less “PG” lyrics, but probably a lot more true to its original message.

*Explicit, yet kinda honest language. beware*









I can’t… It’s too good

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